About Us

I am often asked how I came up with the name for my business since we are located in Oregon. My family roots have been in the South for over 300 years, so although I was the first generation of my family not born there, the pride in my Southern heritage is deep and strong.

Now, as a Westerner living in and around the mountainous regions of Oregon, I’ve developed the respect and pride required to live in this country and especially alot of respect for those that pioneered this harsh but beautifull region.

My personal background has been in the mechanical industries from the time I turned 17. I joined the Navy on my 17th birthday and served aboard a nuclear fast attack submarine as a Machinist Mate. After the Navy I still enjoyed mechanics and my hobby at the time was drag racing so I naturally turned to automotive repair. I attended Spartan School of Aeronautics in the late 80’s and worked on fixed and rotary wing aircraft for a short time but I didn’t want a union job popping rivets so I went back to my favorite type of work which was automotive.

In automotive I enjoyed electrical/electronic system repairs on vehicles so I dabbled in industrial electric motor repair working on everything from swimming pool and irrigation pump motors up to locomotive generators. I eventually found myself wanting to return to automotive repair so I did and stayed in it until 2007 when multiple injuries finally caught up with me and I was disabled. I left as an ASE Certified Automotive Master Technician with Advanced ratings and as an ASE Certified Medium/Heavy Truck Technician as I had spent part of my career working on heavy trucks.

After becoming disabled there was a period of recovery from surgery and since that time three more surgeries. In between surgeries I decided to turn my hobby of gunsmithing into a career to keep from becoming a couch potato so I invested in a small mill and lathe and started knocking the rust off my machining skills. In 2010 I decided to go for broke and invested in industrial machining equipment and obtained my Federal Firearms License as a Manufacturer of Firearms. The business is growing by leaps and bounds and my sincere thanks goes out to all of you that have helped to make it happen and especially those that put their faith in me during the earliest days of the shop.



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