Specializing in 5 shot Big Bore Conversions and repair of Ruger™ Single Action revolvers.

Here at Dixie I strive for quality over quantity and although I will try to have guns done as timely as possible my priority is making sure that they are done right the first time.
NOTICE: Due to health issues, I will no longer be taking on any custom gun work. I will however continue to make mechanical repairs and do action work. Thank you, Dixie Firearms All prices include Parts and Labor unless otherwise specified.
Visa, Mastercard and Discover accepted.
Price List Dated 05/21/2014 - Prices Subject to Change without Notice PLEASE NOTE: All work is done by appointment only.
Revolvers starting at $100.00.
Contender, G2, and Encore Frames $75.00.
T/C and similar Barrels $35.00.
Bolt pistols starting at $75.00.
Rust Bluing and Browning, starts at $100.00 for revolver frames. Other guns quoted upon request.
Nitre Bluing starts at $75.00 call for quote.
Alternate Finishes
Color case hardening starts at $100.00 for revolver frames all others quoted upon request.
Custom Lacquer or Cerakote™ finishes starting at $150.00.
Scope base mounting
Drill and tap, first 3 holes are $30.00 and $5.00 for each additional.
Mike Bellm T/C Services
Contender, G2 and Encore Action Tuning $75.00 + parts.
Install Bellm oversized hinge pin starting at $25.00 + 5.00 per barrel that needs fitted to new pin.
Encore, install Bellm headspace shims starting at $25.00
Install Bellm HD locking lug spring, $10.00 per barrel.
Action Tuning
Revolvers starting at $75.00 + parts, includes Wolff Springs.
Bolt Pistols and Rifles Starting at $50.00
Re-chambering T/C barrels $75.00 for standard calibers and $125.00 for wildcats.
For electro-chemical barrel cleaning add $25.00.
3 position hammer-Colt and Old Model Ruger™ type call for quote.
Jeweling Hammer and Trigger $35.00
Derringer action jobs most models $50.00
Over sized base pins installed starting at $60.00
Ruger free spin pawl $85.00
Install oversized cylinder latch $75.00
Double action revolver action jobs includes checking and adjusting timing as necessary starting at $125.00
Semi-auto handgun trigger jobs starting at $75.00 + parts
Although tightening an action up and throating cylinders will generally increase accuracy on a factory gun it is not always the case. I have especially been finding issues with Ruger cylinders as they are not linebored. A factory gun still has flaws and less than desireable tolerances. I will make every attempt to catch any potential problems ahead of time with variations in factory cylinders and barrels I cannot guarantee accuracy results although most guns respon positively. The only way I can guarantee the accuracy of a factory gun is if I also replace the cylinder and barrel.

NOTE: If multiple work items are performed, some pricing may be reduced since there may be some duplication of work between jobs.
Miscellaneous Work
Shorten and re-crown barrel starting at $50.00.
Cleaning -- includes disassemble and clean action and barrel starting at $35.00
Re-crown 8 and 11 degrees - $35.00
Five, eight, or eleven (5, 8, or 11) degree forcing cone starting at $35.00.
Cylinder throating - Throats will be reamed to .0010-.0015 over nominal bullet diameter ie 454/45LC is .4530-.4535. If you want to shoot cast bullets you may need to order oversized bullets or size your bullets to the throat size. Cylinder throats will work differently with cast and jacketed bullets $50.00
Ruger™ Conversions Ruger™ New Model 5 shot conversion *
Starting at $1500.00 for Bisley donor gun and at $1700.00 for non-Bisley guns (if parts are available).
Includes barrel from Pac Nor Match grade blanks, oversize cylinder latch and block, action job with Wolff trigger, hammer and extra power base pin spring, round hammer strut, Bowen cylinder (with or without recessed chambers) and cylinder bushing, basic aftermarket grips in South American hardwood or simulated Ivory or Buffalo horn, and a Bowen oversized locking base pin. More options available below, call or email for quote.
Octagon barrels are available at an additional cost of $150.00
Bowen Nimrod front sight $75.00
Bowen rear sights starting at $90.00
Alpha Precision front sight $140.00
Birdshead or Bullseye ejector rod (blue only) $25.00
Barrel Band $50.00
Jeweled Hammer and Trigger $50.00
Case Hardened Frame $150.00
Custom Stag or Elk horn or Bone grips priced on request.
Available in 45 Colt, 480 Ruger™, 454 Casull, 475 Linebaugh, 500 Linebaugh, 50 Bowen (use 50 Bowen Special and 510 GNR load data), and 500 JRH.
Note: guns can be built in two tone including hardware. Such as: a blued gun with stainless steel cylinder and hardware, or blued gun with stainless steel front sight.
Ruger™ Old Model 357 Blackhawk conversion
Convert to 44 Special starting at $400.00
357 Max Conversion
Convert Ruger™ 357 Max to 475 Max, 500 Max or 500 S&W, Call for quote and psychiatric evaluation.
Due to the increased cost in shipping I can no longer cover return shipping on repairs or work under $400.00 so the customer will be responsible for return shipping on all smaller repairs.

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