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Dixie Firearms Trophy Gallery

Gregg Richter

This nice fox was taken with a Ruger Mk III. Action job by Dixie Firearms.

Gregg's 2013 Red Fox

Ed Folmar

American Bison taken with a Vaquero in 475 Linebaugh built by Dixie Firearms.

Ed's 2012 Bison

Gregg Richter from Colorado

"I hunted the third rifle season in Colorado (2011) and killed this five by five bull with my custom Dixie Firearms .475 Linebaugh at 103 yards. My load was a 400 grain Hornady® XTP moved along by a healthy dose of Hodgon® H-110."

Gregg's 2011 Colorado Bull Elk

Rod Huelter from Oregon

Your host Rod Huelter with an Elk taken with a Dixie Firearms customized 300 Win Mag Encore® barrel. Thompson/Center® 2-7x scope and a 180 gr. Nosler® Accubond loaded to 2700 fps.

Rod's Elk

Rod Huelter from Oregon

This is a porcupine Rod shot at 40 yards with his Dixie Firearms modified Glock® 22 using factory loaded Federal® 135 gr. Hydra Shocks.


Rod and Emily Huelter from Oregon

This is a Blacktail Doe Rod took with his daughter Emily. The shot was 55yds with my Dixie Firearms 454 Casull<, using a Bowen® Rough Country rear sight and an SDM® large Gold Bead front with a 14K gold bead. I was shooting 300 gr. Hornady® XTP Mags loaded to about 1700 fps.

Rod and Emily's Blacktail Doe

Gregg Richter from Colorado

"About 9:00 in the morning on the last day of the Colorado deer season, I was "still" hunting and glassed a buck walking through the trees. I made a good stalk on him, and considered passing him up but then my common sense took over. The buck was intent on following a doe track; had his nose to the ground, and he was walking through the heavy timber. I rested my Dixie Firearms Custom .475 Linebaugh on the side of a tree and waited for him to come into an opening. He kept walking so I "kissed" my lips together (a tactic I have used to stop coyotes successfully) and he stopped, at maybe 30 yards, quartering away. I settled the J-Point® red dot and squeezed. He jumped; tried to run but his off shoulder (right side) was flopping and he crashed after about 20 yards, and lay still. The 400 grain Hornady® XTP took him in the left ribs and exited the right shoulder, destroying the lungs and clipping the top of the heart

Gregg's 2011 Colorado Deer

Gregg Richter from Colorado

Gregg's 2012 Mule Deer

Gregg Richter from Colorado

Gregg's 2012 Bull Elk

Joe Richter

Joe's 2012 Mule Deer

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